Empire S03E05 online sa prevodom

Empire n/A

Kategorija: Drama / Music
IMDB Rating: 7.8 Votes: n/A | Runtime: 42min |
Uloge: Terrence Howard / Bryshere Y. Gray / Jussie Smollett / Taraji P. Henson / Trai Byers / Grace Gealey / Kaitlin Doubleday / Ta'Rhonda Jones / Gabourey Sidibe / Serayah / AzMarie Livingston / Bre-z / Lizzy Leigh
Zemlja: n/A | Jezik: n/A
Reziser: n/A | Premijera: 7 January 2015 (USA) | Officijalno: n/A
Kategorija: Drama / Music



Empire S03E05 sa prevodom

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Empire S03E05 Online sa prevodom

Lucious, the founder and CEO of a successful record label has been diagnosed with ALS. He must choose one of his three sons to take over the company when he dies. Meanwhile, his ex wife and co-founder, Cookie, has been released from prison and wants to reclaim her rightful place in the company.