Match Point (2005) online sa prevodom

Match Point 2005

Kategorija: Drama / Romance / Thriller
IMDB Rating: 7.7 Votes: 149,815 | Runtime: 124 min |
Uloge: Jonathan Rhys Meyers / Alexander Armstrong / Paul Kaye / Matthew Goode / Brian Cox / Penelope Wilton / Emily Mortimer / Janis Kelly / Alan Oke / Mark Gatiss / Scarlett Johansson / Philip Mansfield / Simon Kunz / Geoffrey Streatfield / Mary Hegarty
Zemlja: UK / Russia / Ireland / Luxembourg / USA | Jezik: English
Reziser: Woody Allen | Premijera: 20 January 2006 (USA) | Officijalno: DreamWorks [United States] / Official site [Germany]
Kategorija: Drama / Romance / Thriller


Match Point (2005) sa prevodom

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Match Point (2005) Online sa prevodom

From a humble background and with traditional values, Irish Chris Wilton is still struggling financially despite being a recently retired high ranked tennis pro. He has taken a job as a tennis instructor at an upscale London tennis club, although he knows there is a better life for him somewhere down the road. He is befriended by one of his students, wealthy Tom Hewett. Chris starts to date Tom's sister, Chloe Hewett, a girl-next-door type who is immediately attracted to Chris. Chloe quickly knows she wants to marry Chris, and through her businessman father, Alec Hewett, tries to help Chris and their future by getting him an executive job in Alec's company. In his life with the Hewetts, Chris begins to enjoy the finer things in life. Through it all however, Chris cannot help thinking about Nola Rice, a struggling American actress who he meets at the Hewett estate and who is Tom's unofficial fiancée. Nola is vivacious, and she knows the effect she has on men, including Chris. Unlike ...