The American West S01E03 online sa prevodom

The American West n/A

Kategorija: History / Western
IMDB Rating: 7.2 Votes: n/A | Runtime: n/A |
Uloge: Bert Thomas Morris / David H. Stevens / Will Strongheart / Mo Brings Plenty / Jonathan C. Stewart / Derek Chariton / Ric Maddox / Joshua David McLerran / Glynn Praesel / Erik Young / Deborah Lee Douglas / Joseph Carlson / Nick Bialis / Roger Blomquist / Mark Lee Gardner / Robert Redford / David Eisenbach / H.W. Brands / Paul A. Hutton / Karl Jacoby
Zemlja: n/A | Jezik: n/A
Reziser: n/A | Premijera: 11 June 2016 (USA) | Officijalno: n/A
Kategorija: History / Western



The American West S01E03 sa prevodom

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The American West S01E03 Online sa prevodom

This series will provide unprecedented access to the wilderness, frontier lawlessness, and bloodshed of the 40 years between the end of the American Civil War and after the turn of the 20th Century, when the west was won. From Jesse James and Crazy Horse, to Wyatt Earp and Buffalo Bill, the characters at the center of this violent, blood-soaked period in American history are explored as each episode follows the stories and struggles of the West's most infamous outlaws as they fight for their land and identity.