House Of Wax (2005) online sa prevodom

House of Wax 2005

Kategorija: Horror / Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.3 Votes: 86,290 | Runtime: 113 min |
Uloge: Elisha Cuthbert / Chad Michael Murray / Brian Van Holt / Paris Hilton / Jared Padalecki / Jon Abrahams / Robert Ri'chard / Dragicia Debert / Thomas Adamson / Murray Smith / Sam Harkess / Damon Herriman / Andy Anderson
Zemlja: Australia / USA | Jezik: English
Reziser: Jaume Collet-Serra | Premijera: 6 May 2005 (USA) | Officijalno: Official site [Australia] / Warner Bros [France]
Kategorija: Horror / Thriller


House Of Wax (2005) sa prevodom

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  1. vikica666
    3 dana, 18 sati pre

    Onako dobar film,solidan.Klasična priča,alimože proći.Ima i goreg.


House Of Wax (2005) Online sa prevodom

Six friends are on their way to a football game. They decide to camp out for the night and continue driving the next day. The next day the friends find that they're having car troubles, so two of the friends accept a stranger's ride into a small town named Ambrose. The main attraction in Ambrose is the House of Wax. Except something is not right in this town, the wax figures are so realistic and the whole town is deserted - except for two murderous twin brothers. The six friends must fight to survive and escape from being the next exhibits in the House of Wax.