Sky High (2005) online sa prevodom

Sky High 2005

Kategorija: Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi
IMDB Rating: 6.2 Votes: 55,594 | Runtime: 100 min |
Uloge: Michael Angarano / Kurt Russell / Kelly Preston / Danielle Panabaker / Christopher Wynne / Kevin Heffernan / Dee Jay Daniels / Kelly Vitz / Loren Berman / Nicholas Braun / Malika / Khadijah / Jake Sandvig / Will Harris / Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Zemlja: USA | Jezik: English / Cantonese
Reziser: Mike Mitchell | Premijera: 29 July 2005 (USA) | Officijalno: Disney [Brazil] / Disney [United States]
Kategorija: Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi


Sky High (2005) sa prevodom

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Sky High (2005) sa prevodom Sky High (2005)

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Sky High (2005) Online sa prevodom

It all begins when young Will Stronghold, the son of the two famous superheroes: Steve and Josie, A.K.A. the incredibly strong, seemingly invulnerable Commander and and the high-speed flying Jetstream. However, Will does not actually know if he has any powers of his own, and has not told his parents this. He and his best friend, Layla are facing their first day of a secret school in the clouds like none on earth: Sky High, the first and only high school for kids with super-human powers going through crime-fighting puberty. But with no apparent superpowers of his own, however, Will seems destined to grow up a mere sidekick. But as he discovers his true strengths, he'll also learn that it takes loyalty and teamwork to truly become a hero!