The Exorcist S01E03 online sa prevodom

The Exorcist n/A

Kategorija: Horror / Thriller
IMDB Rating: 8.3 Votes: n/A | Runtime: 1h |
Uloge: Alfonso Herrera / Ben Daniels / Hannah Kasulka / Brianne Howey / Geena Davis / Alan Ruck / Kurt Egyiawan / Robert Emmet Lunney / Alan Metoskie / Mouzam Makkar / Melissa Russell / Camille Guaty / Kirsten Fitzgerald / Brad Armacost / Charlotte Thomas
Zemlja: n/A | Jezik: n/A
Reziser: n/A | Premijera: 23 September 2016 (USA) | Officijalno: Official Facebook / Official site
Kategorija: Horror / Thriller



The Exorcist S01E03 sa prevodom

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The Exorcist S01E03 Online sa prevodom

Angela Rance believes something is very wrong in her home. Plagued by increasingly frightening nightmares, she isn't the only one in her family suffering; her husband Henry is slowly losing his mind, while their older daughter spends all of her time locked in her room, and the younger one believes she hears strange noises coming from inside the walls. Desperate, she turns to Father Tomas Ortega - the progressive leader of their suburban Chicago parish - setting him on a collision course with old school Vatican soldier Father Marcus Brennan, as all their fates become entangled in a battle against an ancient force of evil.